The Deep Enders

by Matt Jones & The Reconstruction

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The easiest to make, the slowest to burn. The best yet. A Civil-War spun sprawler of an album I've been making since I picked up an instrument.


released October 3, 2014

Matt Jones: vocals, acoustic/electric guitar, keyboards, drums, percussion, attempted trombone
Misty Lyn: vocals, percussion
Colette Alexander: cello, vocals
Serge Van der Voo: upright bass
Samantha Cooper: violin, vocals
Carol Gray: violin, vocals
Greg McIntosh: vocals, banjo
Zach Nichols: trumpet
Sarah Campbell: vocals
Nicole Munchel: vocals
Jim Roll: engineer, vocals, tamborine



all rights reserved


Matt Jones Ypsilanti, Michigan

Well. The bio keeps changing, really. What is permanent is this: MJ was raised by a combination of circus music and doo-wop, with a healthy dose of ragtime thrown in. His music has been known to suffer from colitis. The Reconstruction is his own assemblage, and sometimes, disassemblage. The core: Colette Alexander: cello, and Misty Lyn: vox. ... more

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Track Name: Sarah & Sullivan
Come, love
I'll try to be ready
I will be waiting for you.
Track Name: The Friends I'm Thinking Of
Broke and scared 10 years
Broke because I'm lazy
And scared I'll disappear
Attention I'd come to love
Its made me tear at my reflection
And curse the friends I'm thinking of
Oh I've out-whiskeyed and out-gin'ed
Oh I've out-grieved and out-tailspinned
Always promised to begin again

Gathering evidence
Of all the changes I've lay claim to
The sudden streaks of common sense
A well-lit path ahead
One look over my shoulder
Invokes the circus I had led
Oh I observed my spine go slack
Oh I've done time for what I lack
Always addicted to looking back
Oh I out-whiskeyed and out-ginned
Oh I out-grieved and out-tailspinned
Aways known I'd begin again

Memory wants me dead
Track Name: The Bountymen
Invasion in good country
The ranks played out
One advance and one retreat
Old Bluelight
Could have saved your life
His arms, a wilderness
Lost his left, but you your right
We harvest our best
Now Im stuck with these bounty men
Collecting their reward
They desert and sign up again
This war- uncivil avenged
Grey, and haunted
Invincible and gauntleted
Always just as safe
In battle as in bed
Fever comes with old age
This lesson comes armed to the teeth
Cross over the river and rest in the shade of the trees
This war has civilized me
Track Name: The Deep Enders
Create something new
Your complaints have all been used
And she's beautiful when she's next to you
The fever is mostly passed
And its a simpler song at last that she sings to you
Three cheers for the desperate dandelion hearted man
Who wanted to love her so and so he did
You thought you had it coming
Not just now but all your remaining days
You wanted someone to take the risk
And she is
Honestly what would you think
If I sacrificed the drugs and drink
And just sang to you
Would you miss them too?
Im careful of what I wish for now
The fall is on us, the year has died out
But I could live with you
All the docs and wary tramps that live up through your memory man
The closest they come is a half-interested glance
Her hands they fold around your heart
Teasing out the forgotten shards
Of a fragile fool who knew he couldn't last
Without the forgiveness that she gives to you
Track Name: Champion Hill
Untouched for now
But you'll catch it, whole regions bleeding out
High on Champion Hill
Where mothers go prone and daughters spill
Out hearts blood for sons, mooneyed and drilled
They know that time will kill you too
There might be braver men
But theres no heroic tales of them
In slander and slur I'll bury friends
Meet me tonight on highest crest of Champion Hill
If you want me then by god you'll get your fill
I know that time tries
I'll take it arms wide
You'll see that time tries to kill you too
Im already old with you here
Track Name: Into The Valley, Tom Fool
Snake-railed and cheeks afire
Sweat and sleep come easy
Plainsong or deadman's choir, you would never hear em
Grandfathers and Queen Anne's Lace in the pages of your bible
Spare me all that old time grace
Because I would never need it, no.
Holy Lights and Cottonshots
Burned beneath your bootheels
To hell with all of these aftershocks
Because you would never feel em
Fighting praises all the time
Because in your heart you know that
All you want is a firing line and you would never leave it
All hands high if you always feel like you're alone
Make luck your bride
Divorcing happiness and home
May God bless you all
Track Name: The Darkest Things
On the trembling lips of age
Fifteen years have gone, I sing the same
While the words have slowed their rumbling
I'd prefer you forgot my name
And let me walk alone
And let me swallow whole
All that children whisper when they fall in love
Dragging father's dream
Through a sea of rye and gasoline
Mother smiles most all the time
But I think I heard her when I heard her scream
"Our boy is coming back. Our boy is coming home"
"Our boy is wasted on a magazine"
Chasing boyhood kings
While dodging wild pendulum swings
Darker angels remind me that I am destined for
The darkest things
So don't forget my name
And don't forget my voice
Don't forget the golden boy who loved to sing
I played a bit too hard, now I want to back out
I'd love to look the part, just let me back out
Track Name: Goodbye Bluelight
Goodbye Bluelight
Your features grim perfection
Goodbye Bluelight
The first in our affections
Always offering up prayer while determining distance
Between sweating your men to grant them holy instant life.
Goodbye Bluelight
Your sister's right, you're poison
Goodbye Bluelight
A sleep content and toilsome
A preponderance of praise having hidden the real smile
But still baring your teeth when your patience was futile
We all watched as you reached out for divine translation
Witness to one holy warrior, one final invasion
Track Name: Hardly Marching
I've forgotten how to say "no way"
Don't hold my hand you firebrand
My bed of ice will cool you and cast you loose
So soft-headed as to think "have a drink"
My kingdom has come
My will is undone
You're sky, I'm scum
We'll screw this world away
One more beauty in the flame, unashamed
She's young, she's strong yet dragged along
The leash so long is tightened by the day
Love the landscape, even as it turns red
Give a whistle to all the old tunes
Listed, lost and undead
To the martyrs, to the victims of bright shiny midnights
Know no better, pain is love and you'll find that I am gone
If I could dry off, we could always sit close
Bottled up here, I'm a memory at most
If you could know what my heart is capable of
You'd find your wings girl, and sail sober enough without me.
Hardly marching
I'm kind of running in place
Track Name: Juday
Why do farmer's wives take age
The way they love grandchildren and Sundays
It never stopped a little boy from clinging to the hemline or frostbite.
I wonder if little things magnetize always to
The elder memories, the makings of wrinkled skin
And I wonder what I can't see gazing up with baby teeth
The crow flies a straight line from seconds to "always be near me, my love"