Half Poison, Half Pure

by Matt Jones

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The long awaited follow up to The Black Path. There is a band this time. There is stress this time. This is very different than the last one, and that is why we love it. It's a record about being stuck in the middle: dissatisfied with what lies behind you, and unsure of what lies ahead. You are half poison, half pure, with the possibility of becoming all of one, or all of the other.

Matt Jones & The Reconstruction is:
Serge Van der Voo
Chad Pratt
Colette Alexander
Misty Lyn Bergeron
Greg Mcintosh
Matt Jones


released March 1, 2012

All songs by Matt Jones. All songs performed by Matt Jones & The Reconstruction.

Engineered and mixed by the delightful Andrew Hernandez, except for "Hammer Falls"- recorded at Backseat Productions by Jim Roll, and Andrew Hernandez at Soma Studios, and mixed at Soma Studios.

Mastered by Charlie Martinez in NYC.

Album art by the wonderful and patient Emma B. Trithart.



all rights reserved


Matt Jones Ypsilanti, Michigan

Well. The bio keeps changing, really. What is permanent is this: MJ was raised by a combination of circus music and doo-wop, with a healthy dose of ragtime thrown in. His music has been known to suffer from colitis. The Reconstruction is his own assemblage, and sometimes, disassemblage. The core: Colette Alexander: cello, and Misty Lyn: vox. ... more

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Track Name: Special Forces
Tribes and clans and overall plans collide
They have no names
They have no split decision fame.
I saw the ending.
Boulders, rocks, on suicide watch you'll stand
To claim a prize
You'll win back all their fluttering eyes.
I saw the ending.

Whats it say?
Whats it mean?
I don't know.
You tell me.
Track Name: Mangling Mouths, Murdering Rhymes
Circumstances permit our words
To carry weight, to go unheard
Blood and bone and bullshit have pull
For these you starve
But I'm so full
And all this banging 'round the grade school grounds
Has left you stunted, stoned, unsound.

But hey- at least you have
Your social salve
Your'e awfully dirty now
And blissfully dependent.
The whole town turned out
To see you cry
Your childhood is gone
And now you wish you could extend it
Unhappy babe.

I've been spending time
Mangling mouths, and murdering rhymes
Of yours and mine.
But hope resembles guilt
And thats how I'm built
A bigger man on bigger stilts

And hey- it's your choice to play
With this gaming gal
Too big on stunts, not much to say.

Whats the hurry now?
Your ego is dead.
That woman fanged it out
And put it in her pocket.
She tells you when to sob
And when to whine.
It's easier to row this boat instead of rock it.
Unhappy babe.

We wrapped you up and sent you home.
And I won't come back till I'm grown.
And when I do then you'll be dead.
I'll kill your heart and then your head.
Track Name: The Games We Used To Play
Confederating again
With shaggy, long toothed men.
You close your eyes and you smile
Swallowing bile,
Trading these fixes for friends
It's never hurt you before
Studying this history of whores
But every once in a while,
Your'e reduced to wildly
Scratching open old sores.

And this year is so hard.
Full of forbidden sheets, and forgotten streets
This time.
And how the tears came down
Not in quick defense, bun uncommon sense
This time.

Acting is easy for me.
No responsibility
The act of lying is veiled
No track, no trail
Truth always comes with a fee
So keep your scenes to yourself
Your flawless costumes and wealth
So interesting in act one, it tied my tongue
Provoking toasts to your health

And oh this is the show
We've been rehearsing for
Which of the hopeful hordes is next in line
And how they worked so hard
For these skittish spotlights
Cliched and contrite end lines

But you wanted to see
What you thought you should be
And when the hammer came down
You were proud and passed around
Shaving off days
In a half-minded haze
Let me in, let me in
I want to play the games
We used to play when you were mine.

But theres never time.
Track Name: Half Poison, Half Pure
Hardened hands, shaping shameless songs
About your mangy friends
And all their long, white tongues
They die like sinking ships
Feathers clipped in flight, and you were right.
Faces smile up from pillow packed
With all their quick regret, and even quicker back-
Stories of how you gutted ghosts
Sold yourself content, and consigned.
Theres something wrong in my mind.
Confessions confirmed, now confined.

Coming to terms with lack of wit.
And mastering all the jolly bits.
When no one really gives and shit
And now your'e fucking with your life.
The color was scraped out long ago
But you don't believe in karma so
You strap yourself to futures while
You sabotage your shine.

I forget why skin burns me out
With all its endless welts imposed by
Endless doubts.
Your spine is curved by waiting rooms,
Sarcasm, doom, deep drought
And loosened ties

Theres something wrong in my mind.
Half poison, half pure
But not quite.
Track Name: Nightscores
Last names don't serve any purpose
When your'e just out to service
Your own damn nightscores
Like a currency amputated of value
And killed off early.
Waiting for old tunes to spin their lust
Don't make a fuss.
Throwing up in the predawn,
Your poetics have long gone the way of
Dozing and dreamless on Main Street
Your validation in bedsheets
And killed off early
Holding a blank hand in a raided nest
On an empty chest.

Days run out from under rugs
Like spent mortar rounds, and ticket stubs.
Once remorseful, now unsteady
Revelations hyped and heady
You went riding, I went clawing
A future bright with endless brawling
And all at once, the day came dawning

I never expected to pack up and hide for so long
Winter has got me expecting to pack up and hide for so long.
Track Name: Hammer Falls
It'll be years before I'm back.
With this ragged conscience, turned black.
Towing eyes filled with what no throat can sing.
A fitful foray into lack.
I didn't fight it because I was used up
As a stepping stone and as a muse.
And what the heart receives
Is what makes it bleed
I held this fact to my chest and prepared to lose.

Now her heart came fuming to the silent stage.
Before the roaring drowned out the song I played.
She gave a cool sudden smile to the strung out sage
That was me
An old, old man.
Full of love, full of the best that I can.

Now the aftermath has been short of nice.
Reviewing actions, plans now sterilized.
Resembling memories that began to torture me.
Once the hammer fell and cracked through the thin ice.

And now what once was painful
Has now turned sweet
Because at least I know the sound of my heart
From the trampling feet
That loom so large and faithless over hopes and dreams
Well trample on over this old, old man
Full of love, full of the best that I can.